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Ingrown Hair & Skin Irritation After Hair Removal

Ingrown hair, skin irritation, redness and itching of the skin is a common problem after hair removal. The beard area and the bikini line are the most affected areas for men and women respectively. Razor rash and razor bumps are also quite common on the underarms and legs.

Razor Burn and Red Skin Rash

While shaving the razor lifts the hairs from the follicle and cuts it – making the a sharp cut. This sharp edge gets stuck in the sides of the follicle and blocks the way out – causing the hair to be trapped. These ingrown hairs cause infections under the skin, razor zits and bumps resulting in itching, irritation and a burning sensation of the skin.

What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

The so-called “razor bumps” are hairs that do pierce the surface of the skin but then spiral back into the skin. Shaving without the proper care causes these razor bumps . Removing ingrown hairs without the proper attention or with force may result in painful boils or pilonidal cysts . Plucking and waxing often cause ingrown hairs, as pulling the hairs can cause them to break just underneath the skin – which in turn may cause ingrown hairs.

Avoyd: the Best Way to Treat Ingrown Hairs

As it is hard to prevent ingrown hairs, we advise to use Avoyd Original after each shave as is the most effective product to prevent ingrown hairs, razor rash, itching, red razor bumps and a burning skin. You can use Avoyd Original on the bikini line, face, legs, arms, underarms, neck, chest and back.

Avoyd for the Sensitive Skin

Because many people suffer from an overly sensitive skin after hair removal – waxing in particular – we have developed Avoyd Bikini Bliss for women and Avoyd Immaculate Man for men. These soothing and moisturizing creams gently help the skin to recuperate from the harsh treatment and help to prevent nasty bumps and ingrown hairs at the same time. Take extra good care of your skin for two days after waxing; then you can switch to Avoyd Regular or Avoyd Double Delight.











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