Avoyd Bikini Bliss

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Avoyd Bikini Bliss is the ultimate way to take care of your bikini line, underarms and legs. Both the bikini line and the underarm area are very sensitive; shaving and waxing often results in skin irritation, itching and red bumps.

Avoyd Bikini Bliss heals the sensitive skin in your private area and instantly calms and soothes the shaven or waxed skin whilst preventing razor rash and razor bumps.


Easy to apply after waxing or shaving. Apply a small amount on a daily basis. Do not rinse.


We advise to use Avoyd Bikini Bliss for 1-2 days immediately after waxing, sugaring- or IPL  and then switch to Avoyd Original or Avoyd Double Delight to avoid ingrown hair.

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