About us

How nice that you like to know more about us! We have a common interest that we’d like to share with you. We, Robert van Brussel and Carien Vogt, of AVOYD owners, like to feel good and beautiful, just like you.

We started our business in 2007 and imported different brands of beauty products. In 2015 we felt it was time for our own product line, AVOYD, because there are virtually no good products available on the European market that fight razor burn and ingrown hairs. Eversince, we live, eat and sleep AVOYD, to solve this very common problem for you! By now, we know all about ingrown hairs, razor burn, razor rash and other skin irritations after hair removal, and what we can do for you to help you get rid of this “irritating” problem. This passion we want to share with you.

We both have extensive knowledge and experience in the beauty industry, import, export, product development and beyond. All this experience has led to where we are now.

Know more about our products?

Do you have questions about our products or ourselves? We always try to give a personal response. Many companies do not prioritize to connect with their customers anymore, but we do.

We are here for you, to make you feel better from the inside and out.


Feel beautiful,

Robert & Carien

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